Monday, February 27, 2017

A Tortured Soul

A Tortured Soul
I have no other way to express what this person must have been experiencing, but he chose to share his secret with me after reading the article that was in the local press, way back in 2003 when I decided to share my "Alter Ego" with the world.
I had been out but mostly in a Gay club my wife had taken me too a few years before, (not that we're Gay, but where else would you go) although I had wanted to share "Louise" with everyone because I was much happier with my presentation in that form and it seemed the people who met her preferred "Louise" over Lou also, so it was a natural next step.
Once I went public it created some unexpected results, especially considering I was pretty much labeled a "Little Prick"  meaning I was nasty and ridged in my thoughts and the way I did business, I still am for the most part, but it put me at a tremendous risk.
One of the unexpected results were that a few men who would be considered "Closet CD's" found a medium in me that they felt the could trust and share their Cross-dressing fetish with and I guess hopefully lean how to do makeup and advance themselves out of the closet.
Ten to fifteen years ago PC's were still somewhat new to the average person so a little writting and the phone book were a way of finding an address and corresponding and it usually meant the person was very sincere because they had to put effort into contacting another person.
So without further comments, I'll share one persons letters to me, he died in 2014, I never contacted him for fear of causing an issue, he was in a nursing home suffering from I think dementia as you'll notice from his hand written letters.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Still around just busy

A Major Move

My wife and I moved the Monday before Thanks Giving, since then we've been busy moving all our stuff into the new home.
Once I get settled in I plan on having a "Huge" sale which I will title as 
"Louise's Treasure Trove Closet Sale"
For now  I want to wish everyone a Healthy and Wealthy New Year and hopefully for those near my location you might visit to pick out some new outfits. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another Surprising Comment

It's all in How you Act

Most Fridays I've been going to an upper scale restaurant/Lounge in the Margate area. Since I had my businesses there I usually run into past customers who are more kind to me as Louise than they ever were when I was Lou.

I happened to be sitting at the Bar when one of my past Lady customers came over to sit, her Father and 5 Uncles were all Professional basket ball players. One Uncle had owned a Bar/restaurant on the next block from me and her Father owned a smaller place one block up from me so I was convenient for service.
As I was talking with her, she was a little skeptical about my reasons for Cross-dressing even though she's known about it for 20 years we had never discussed the condition because we were never in a social setting.
More to the point. As I'm talking with her a gentleman who I've known for quite awhile from the old "Bubba Mac" days (a closed lounge) came over and said he wanted me to meet friends of his. I'm not so obtuse not to know that usually people want to introduce me as a Novelty, after all I do dress to be noticed and I've never admitted to "passing" but I am polite, presentable and respectable.
I walked over with him and he introduces me to an older couple and asks me to guess what type car he drives, the guy who knows me has a car fetish (I guess) and enjoys High priced cars, he drives a MB, I consider over priced and over engineered. I've never liked European cars other than look at them.
So I said to the new person "I guess you drive a MB too" he said no, I own a Rolls Royce and a Maserati, this is my 24th RR. I'm impressed and mentioned I had always wanted a Bentley (used) but was concerned about the maintenance, he said he pays $24,000 a year to maintain his RR. We got into a nice conversation and I mentioned I used to service two for one of my customers, after all it is Margate and if you're only worth 15-20 Million you're on the Lower scale. He sad he wanted a convertible RR and since they didn't have one available he bought a RR Coupe and had it converted to a convertible, that's BIG money.

We talked a good 45 minuets and he finally says in a fairly commanding voice "I don't get this Cross-Dressing stuff, I never even saw anyone like you before, But you're one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to speak with and I like you" and with that he bought me a glass of wine.

This person has money, I really don't know his background, he made money in Internet Merchandising so I don't know if he was higher educated, but he was the type person who didn't need to be polite if he wasn't comfortable, he could have insulted me and there would be nothing I could have done or said, I was very venerable, but my nature is to be respectful of everyone and I think that allows people to treat me in kind, or maybe he thought I was mentally ill and took pity on me, but I don't need to be in a dress to be called nuts.

Monday, July 25, 2016

My wife and the Trans Girl

Over the last 10 years or so I have run into "Brandy" when Thrift Shopping. She is a VERY attractive Asian TG/TS (I don't know exactly which) but no matter I know she was a guy and now is, WOW, what a looker. I could only dream to be built like her and have that long black hair an Asian woman has. She's about my height, 5'2" tall and at best 125#.

I have mentioned her to my wife often and even though my wife has met almost as many TS's as I have, none come close to Brandy. 

Yesterday, Sunday 7/24/16 we did our usual breakfast and then had to pick up some things at the ACME. My wife had wanted me to drop her off to food shop and I would stop just across the parking lot at the Thrift Shop, but I convinced her to come in and do a quick look.

I looked towards the back of the store and there was Brandy. She's usually a little stand offish towards me, but about a month ago (after 10 years) we finally talked a little and shared some pictures on our cell phones, so I felt a little braver and decided to interrupt her shopping and introduce her to my wife.

I was a little aprehensive because my wife can be jealous (she knows what I'm attracted to) and since Brandy and I are really not to close, I was a little concerned a "cat fight" might break out. I left them alone to talk for a couple minuets.

I was in the other room of the store and Brandy came in and said, I really liked meeting your wife, she is a great lady and very understanding, most women would never accept their husbands as a cross-dresser.

When we left the store I asked Millie her impression, she rarely makes an very expressive gesture, she shook her head and said, whew she is really quite a person and impossible to tell.
I have a lot of issues with most CD's who claim their TG/TS or any other term, but as far as Brandy goes, I can really understand her reasons, she has it all together.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Another Thrift Shp Encounter

Wednesday is "Family Day" at the Salvation Army thrift shop (half price day).

I was in the check out line and a Lady was folding her "finds very neatly and putting the hangers in order and hanging them on the empty's rack.

I had to ask if she was available for house work, because I could really use a "Neat Freak". She laughed and said she was a Liberian at a Trade School.

We got to talking and she noticed my nails (always done in Silver) and my women's clothing selections, so I shared my picture (as usual) with her.

She said I'm also the director of a newly formed GBLT group for the students and asked if I would be interested in coming sometime in the next school year to discuss "cross-dressing".

A copy of her email to me.


Thanks so much for connecting with me.  It was a delight meeting you, and in such a serendipitous way! 

I hope we can connect this coming year and will certainly reach out to you via telephone, once I am settled into the school year.  Please understand, from my end, this is our first year (we are starting in October) and the group is student-run, with me as the Advisor.  My thoughts right now are to have a small panel of people (you included) who  can speak to different viewpoints, ways of living, etc.  And of course, sharing experiences to further educate all of us.  

There is a world of opportunities with this new group - fun, social, educational - and I do want to include you.  I will be in touch.  Thanks again Lou/Louise.


A collection of last months interesting encounters

A few weeks ago I went to a new venue for me in Drab (not as Louise) with my wife and a couple friends.

I enjoy "working" the crowd, meeting and talking with people. A few people recognized me even thought I was dressed as a guy. Three men at the Cabana Bar started talking with me and one guy became very inquisitive but polite attempting to figure out the whole "Louise" thing, no doubt I'll run into him again.

The next (interesting) person was a fairly large guy with a waist length blond  Pony Tail. We started talking and it turned out he was a "Bounty Hunter" like "Dog" on TV and about the same size but much better looking than Dog, he's a scary guy.

This guy was an ex-cop and now works for a Task Force Department teaching cops Krav Maga. I shared my picture of "Louise" and he said let me show you a couple moves because you're a small person and might need to defend yourself. I thought that was quite nice of him.

The next interesting item was a few weeks ago one of our friends (also a cross-dresser) had a slight confrontation with a (so called) self proclaimed Minister who obviously was testing his moral strength by seeing how much he could drink before he came over to insult our friend.

Without going into details, he was banned from the lounge. I thanked the Lady manager and she said I love you guys. But then she said, my uncle was also a Cross-Dresser and I loved him, he was so pretty and nice when he dressed up, so I respect and understand you guys too. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

You never know what you’ll find

To preface this post and title, I was shopping at my local Salvation Army a few years ago when a lady asked if I was shopping for my wife and I answered no, I’m shopping for myself and then I showed her a picture of “Louise”Her comment was  

“You never know what you’ll find in here”

I suspected she was making a condescending remark and always kept a skeptical eye out when talking with her. 

This Saturday night something like that happened again, but this time it was reversed. As I was socializing at our usual Karaoke lounge a person came up and reminded me he had re-introduce an old classmate and business colleague to me the week before. We laughed about the interaction of my old acquaintance and his discomfort of seeing his, rough tough old friend in a dress and him not being able to accept it.

This person said, I have no issue with it, in fact my Brother in Law went all the way, he was a cop from a City about 60 miles North of Atlantic City, I mentioned the person’s name and he said yea, that’s my Brother in Law and brought out his cell phone with pictures from about 2 weeks ago at a family wedding.

I had met this person about 6-7 years ago on line and we met at a social setting in a Casino, my wife was with me. He was a really class person and looked great and sounded just like a woman, although he was about 6’3 tall.

We hit it off reasonably well and we invited him down again (he liked going to the casinos) so we went to dinner and he gave us both PBA cards since he was the VP of the State PBA association.
He was a nice person, but since she considered herself a woman now after SRS, I somewhat was a negative attraction. Usually TS’s distance themselves from Cross dressers as I attempt to distance myself from Drag Queens, we’re in the same grouping but have different reasons for dressing up.
Never the less I had to use the quote.

“You never know what you’ll find”

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Compliment Last Night 06/12/2016

Last night my wife and I went to out local Karaoke hangout.

As I walked in I was greeted in the usual way with many hugs and cheek kisses, they're a very open minded and accepting group.

As I made my way around to a seat my wife had for me, a tallish lady came up behind me and said, I need to thank you for our conversation last year (last year, I can't remember an hour ago). She preceded to tell me I helped her with her self image and the way she saw herself. She always felt self conscious for being tall (she was at best 6' not that tall) she was VERY attractive about late 50's age.

She said I would never dance because I felt so out of place and thanked me for helping her with her self confidence.

Talk about "Turn about"

That's when you realize you're doing the right thing in life when people seek you out and compliment you in public for being yourself and conveying that message to them to be themselves.  

The Restaurant

My wife and I go to breakfast at a local restaurant Sunday mornings, I sometimes go as Louise and the owners love the attention I receive, they feel I bring in business.

 To preface this a little, I almost dress exclusively in women's Jeggings and women's shirts with woman's sandals or Boots, I have almost NO "Lou" (male) clothes, not even underwear.

Last week as I was leaving as "Lou" (my male persona) there was a couple walking towards the door, obviously due to my mode of dressing I make an androgynous presentation, some people "get it" right away, others never give it a second thought (not many anyway).

The couple stop for a moment as I step to the side to let them enter and the man asks, "are you "Louise", I say yes that's me but you have the advantage and how did you know me.

He said we met you about 2 years ago as "Louise" at a local lounge, we talked awhile and we were very impressed with you, seeing you dressed as you are and being so "petite" (5'2) it was a good guess.

Also as my wife and I were talking to the couple, one of the waitresses came outside and said "I just wanted to tell you, your Butt looks great in those jeans".  I always wear women's (stretch) Jeggings. Hey, if they look good on a woman and I have a woman's Butt, why not?

I can't believe people would remember me after 2 years and even without me being in character, but as I often say when people tell me they met me before I use a standard quote.

                   "People say once they meet me they can't forget no matter how hard they try"