Thursday, March 21, 2019

We All think we have problems

A Sad Posting "The Bomb"

Friday the 8th of March (one of my typical days out) I stopped by the local "hot spot" for their happy hour menu, I like their Mussels.

When entering I was lucky to find a seat at the corner of the bar where 4 women (2 on each side), the one lady was very nice and the other 2 on my left said they had seen me in Brigantine and mentioned I sang the "Fu*k song" I corrected her and said, my wife sings that song (the actual title is "The Rodeo Song"). We spent about 10-15 mins talking and they left.

Within seconds a group of 5 people came in and took the seats, the older of the five was sitting 4 seats from me and wanted to talk with me, his son (I later found out) switch seats so his father could sit next to me, the other 2 people were his daughter and S-I-L. The old man looked around my age but turned out to be almost 15 years younger, to both our amazement.

Our conversation continued where we shared our home locations and that he had a permit to purchase "Cannabis" and showed me his card (I don't do drugs) so I was a little apprehensive regardless of his need, but he seemed to be a gentleman.

As we talked he told me he and his (second) wife did a lot of traveling and he told me she was a black lady he met after his divorce 12 years ago. He told me she was a "Wall Street" person for about 30 years and had lots of experience in investments. Then he hit me with the "BOMB".

He asked if I remembered the last market crash about 3 months ago, of course I did, I derive my income from stocks, he said his wife became so overwrought that she decided to HANG HERSELF. I was so sad, it was obvious they shared a very happy life together. 

BTW, he never mentioned one thing about my "Cross-dressing" obviously it made no difference to him.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

I know people either misunderstand or consider my “alter ego” weird, strange or any other pejorative term they care to use.
Yesterday a Photographer friend of mine (Dave Griffin) stopped over to help me recover a faded picture. I had dressed early because I was going to the Atlantic City Classic car show. Dave was not aware I was going to be “Louise” but volunteered to take a few portrait pictures for me.
Just so everyone knows, I have no delusions of wanting to be any one other than “Lou” I am nothing more than a mature man who prefers himself being easier on the eye’s, I am very happy with everything in my life.
I don’t pretend I pass, I don’t consider myself a “Trans-anything” I attempt to avoid “politically correct” terms but I try to accept everyone who is Respectable in their choices in life, we all need to do what makes us feel good to ourselves and brings meaning and understanding to others without malice.
When I saw this picture Dave took of me yesterday it reinforced why I love “My life as Louise”.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

An apology

Message replies

I need to apologize for not answering messages that had been posted to my message board, I simply never knew it was there until now.

"I guess it's true what they say about "Blonds"

Bubba Mac Shack The Biker Bar

The Bubba Mac Shack

In order to understand the popularity of "Bubba Macs" it's necessary for a little history of the venue and why I went there.

The location had a number of failed operators under different names over a number of years, I don't know all the background because I never went to bars until I started to dress up in later life.

Bubba (real name Herb Birch <deceased>) had owned a National Health Care center (I don't know the details). He sold the business and always had a love for "Blues" music, he also had a alcohol problem which he overcame and wanted to help others suffering from it. 

Being a highly intelligent person he decided to build his business on a "Blues Band" and only hired Alcoholics as long as they stayed "on the wagon" if not they were booted out of the band, what a brilliant idea and it worked.

Of course I was totally unaware of all this when I first went and it definitely had an eclectic array of Characters from "Bikers" Business people and just ordinary people who liked to socialize and I seemed to be the most normal person there. There were a few groups of people who were hard nosed barflys including most of the women, but there was another common draw, there were 3 music areas that went on at one time, The Blues Band, a small 3-5 man dance music group and Karaoke, about 500 to 800 people would fill the place weekends. 

Obviously I drew a lot of attention, all of it positive but occasionally someone might want to get to friendly, two of the bouncers, Dan & Ray always looked out for me, but there were no less than 10-12 on security there and I don't remember anyone causing trouble.

As the people got to know me and figured out I was harmless and that I just liked "dressing up" they took me into their groups and would invite me to social parties and birthdays at their homes, I would come home and cry due to being so well accepted as "Louise".

One of the fun things was that the 2 bounces "Dan and Ray" did was they liked to test my grip, I'm only 5'2 tall (now) and they couldn't out grip me. What they enjoyed doing was when carding people who were Collage age and Football players or in some other sport was to call me over to introduce me to these different guys (usually once a week). They would say "Louise" we have someone we want you to meet and I knew the drill, I would offer my hand and give my "Lou" grip which was totally unexpected by a 6 footer or 6'6" guy and they would start to turn red and their knees would buckle, Dan & Ray would fall back against the wall laughing so hard they would slide down with tears in their eyes. It was funny.  

Sunday, August 12, 2018

After a year, I am going to try to begin posting again

A very difficult year
 It was necessary to take a hiatus due to an unexpected medical condition my wife was diagnosed with, it was very serous and diagnosed during an emergency visit to the hospital at 2AM on a Sunday morning, my wife never gets sick during normal hours.

There is another situation that also occurs due to so many emergency situations that tend to crop up spontaneously which caused me to have developed what I have labeled "The Chicken Little Syndrome" (if you recall he claimed the sky was falling so often that when something really dangerous occurred, no one took him seriously) I felt guilty for being insensitive to the seriousness of this episode.

After a year of traveling to one of the major Cancer centers in Philadelphia (I'll leave nameless) and then a failed surgery for what we were told a routine "Port" implantation which became septic and needed to be removed and then hospitalized a full month and put on high doses of Antibiotics 24/7 the first week and then daily afterwards, which all delayed her much needed Chemotherapy, it's a wonder she is now in remission, they don't use the word "cured".

My wife is a wonderful person even though I think the person who writes "The Lockhorns" must get his material from a hidden camera in our home, anytime you want to know what's going on in our household just read that comic strip. We do banter and fight from morning to night and it can be anything from her over feeding the dogs to not sweeping the floor and never paying bills on time, it's endless.

In the mean time I will try to post some of my experiences when out in public and some of the antics, conversations and how I deal with anything when dressed en-fem.

If you're interested in contacting me direct for something personal you want to know about (NO SEXUAL QUESTIONS) I will do my best to answer in a reasonable and logical way, it may not be what you want to hear but it's what has worked for me.

My direct contact is ""

I remain "Louise"
An example of "Louise" compared to to 2 nice ladies who are "Drag Queens" 
(I'm wearing heels to make me taller) 

Monday, February 27, 2017

A Tortured Soul

A Tortured Soul
I have no other way to express what this person must have been experiencing, but he chose to share his secret with me after reading the article that was in the local press, way back in 2003 when I decided to share my "Alter Ego" with the world.
I had been out but mostly in a Gay club my wife had taken me too a few years before, (not that we're Gay, but where else would you go) although I had wanted to share "Louise" with everyone because I was much happier with my presentation in that form and it seemed the people who met her preferred "Louise" over Lou also, so it was a natural next step.
Once I went public it created some unexpected results, especially considering I was pretty much labeled a "Little Prick"  meaning I was nasty and ridged in my thoughts and the way I did business, I still am for the most part, but it put me at a tremendous risk.
One of the unexpected results were that a few men who would be considered "Closet CD's" found a medium in me that they felt the could trust and share their Cross-dressing fetish with and I guess hopefully lean how to do makeup and advance themselves out of the closet.
Ten to fifteen years ago PC's were still somewhat new to the average person so a little writting and the phone book were a way of finding an address and corresponding and it usually meant the person was very sincere because they had to put effort into contacting another person.
So without further comments, I'll share one persons letters to me, he died in 2014, I never contacted him for fear of causing an issue, he was in a nursing home suffering from I think dementia as you'll notice from his hand written letters.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Still around just busy

A Major Move

My wife and I moved the Monday before Thanks Giving, since then we've been busy moving all our stuff into the new home.
Once I get settled in I plan on having a "Huge" sale which I will title as 
"Louise's Treasure Trove Closet Sale"
For now  I want to wish everyone a Healthy and Wealthy New Year and hopefully for those near my location you might visit to pick out some new outfits. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another Surprising Comment

It's all in How you Act

Most Fridays I've been going to an upper scale restaurant/Lounge in the Margate area. Since I had my businesses there I usually run into past customers who are more kind to me as Louise than they ever were when I was Lou.

I happened to be sitting at the Bar when one of my past Lady customers came over to sit, her Father and 5 Uncles were all Professional basket ball players. One Uncle had owned a Bar/restaurant on the next block from me and her Father owned a smaller place one block up from me so I was convenient for service.
As I was talking with her, she was a little skeptical about my reasons for Cross-dressing even though she's known about it for 20 years we had never discussed the condition because we were never in a social setting.
More to the point. As I'm talking with her a gentleman who I've known for quite awhile from the old "Bubba Mac" days (a closed lounge) came over and said he wanted me to meet friends of his. I'm not so obtuse not to know that usually people want to introduce me as a Novelty, after all I do dress to be noticed and I've never admitted to "passing" but I am polite, presentable and respectable.
I walked over with him and he introduces me to an older couple and asks me to guess what type car he drives, the guy who knows me has a car fetish (I guess) and enjoys High priced cars, he drives a MB, I consider over priced and over engineered. I've never liked European cars other than look at them.
So I said to the new person "I guess you drive a MB too" he said no, I own a Rolls Royce and a Maserati, this is my 24th RR. I'm impressed and mentioned I had always wanted a Bentley (used) but was concerned about the maintenance, he said he pays $24,000 a year to maintain his RR. We got into a nice conversation and I mentioned I used to service two for one of my customers, after all it is Margate and if you're only worth 15-20 Million you're on the Lower scale. He sad he wanted a convertible RR and since they didn't have one available he bought a RR Coupe and had it converted to a convertible, that's BIG money.

We talked a good 45 minuets and he finally says in a fairly commanding voice "I don't get this Cross-Dressing stuff, I never even saw anyone like you before, But you're one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to speak with and I like you" and with that he bought me a glass of wine.

This person has money, I really don't know his background, he made money in Internet Merchandising so I don't know if he was higher educated, but he was the type person who didn't need to be polite if he wasn't comfortable, he could have insulted me and there would be nothing I could have done or said, I was very venerable, but my nature is to be respectful of everyone and I think that allows people to treat me in kind, or maybe he thought I was mentally ill and took pity on me, but I don't need to be in a dress to be called nuts.